Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC)


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a college success, counseling support program for low income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOPS students receive assistance and support with their college education. Special attention is given to identify, plan, develop and achieve the academic, career and personal goals of our students. The EOPS Counseling Faculty assists students with various issues relating to their academic, career and personal development. EOPS Counselors understand that students may be unfamiliar with the college environment and culture; and therefore, they are readily available to guide you during your academic journey at LATTC. They assist students with the registration procedures, and guide students with class selections, generate a Student Educational Plan (SEP) and acquaint students to the resources available on campus. They also work with students on a personal level as they know that students may encounter many life obstacles and challenges that can interfere with their pursuit toward achieving their academic goals.

400 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Fall & Spring:Mondays: 8:00-5:00 pm |Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 8:00-7:00 pm | Fridays: 8:00-12:00 pm



Alex Hernandez

213.763.7098, Ext. 7117 /


Dione, Dr. Washington, 213.763.3667, washindk@lattc.edu


Students may be eligible for the EOPS program if they satisfy the following requirements: Recipient of Financial Aid BOGG Fee Waiver (BOGG A and B only), Full-Time Student (12 units, *6 units for DSPS), Have Less Than 70 College Units Completed (excluding ESL, remedial coursework and certain majors), No More Than 6 Consecutive Semesters With EOPS, California Resident (living in CA for one year and one day). Also, meet educationally disadvantaged criteria: As of October 24, 1987, Title V regulations state that in order for a student to be eligible to receive EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program and Services), she/he must be educationally disadvantaged as determined by the EOPS director or the designee (Article 2, section 56220 e). In making that determination for the student, the EOPS director or designee shall consider one or more of the following factors: 1. The student did not qualify for enrollment into the minimum level English or mathematics course that is applicable to the associate degree. 2. The student did not graduate from high school or did not obtain a G.E.D. 3. The student graduated from high school with a grade point average below 2.50 on a 4.00 scale. 4.The student was previously enrolled in high school or college remedial education. 5. Other factors as determined by the EOPS Director or Designee.